COLORPLAY Exclusive Promotions

COLORPLAY online casino using gcash provide exclusive promotions and daily bonus!

Colorplay promotion-First deposit 100%

First deposit 100%

Colorplay promotion-0.2% Bonus Rebates

0.2% Bonus Rebates

Colorplay promotion-1.2% Lose Rebate

1.2% Lose Rebate

Colorplay promotion-Daily Deposit 10% Bonus

Daily Deposit 10% Bonus (Once a Day)

Colorplay promotion-New Member Turnover

New Member Turnover
(FREE Credit)

Colorplay promotion-Refer Friends and Get Money

Refer Friends and Get Money

Colorplay promotion-Give Back Promotion

【150,000P】Give Back Promotion

Colorplay promotion-Exclusive offer for the night Now !

Exclusive offer for the night Now !

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